Mo store Opening

Mo store was opened and the competent costumed women's and men and children

Published on: 30-05-2015

Riva store opening soon

Riva is a unique brand for ladies and children, known designs combining bold colors and elements of fun.

Published on: 25-05-2015

Café di Classe Opening !

Café di Classe is now open at Al Salaam Mall Jeddah

Published on: 16-04-2015

Arabian Centres 2014 Albert Sussman International Community Support Award

Arabian Centres is proud to announce its greatest accolade for the 2nd quarter of year 2014 crowned at the International Council of Shopping Centers' (ICSC) Global Real Estate Convention (RECon) in Las Vegas on May 18, with the earning of the 2014 Albert Sussman International Community Support Award for its Zahra Breast Cancer program in Saudi Arabia.

The ICSC Foundation created this prestigious award to pay homage to the shopping center or Shopping Center Company that truly distinguished itself in the area of community service all over the world. It is the highest honor a company could be recognized for on an international scale; and the first to be won by a company from the Middle East Region since 2006. Winning this Best-of-the-Best Award is a tremendous achievement for Arabian Centres; and a true testament of the vital role the company plays in the society and the efforts done to serve and give back to the community in which it operates. Moreover, the company is proud to be an example towards positive humanitarian conduit especially when it comes to fighting breast cancer, a social commitment that Arabian Centres takes responsibility for - in collaboration with Zahra Breast Cancer Association who has been working hardly to widen the knowledge base and reinforce awareness and early detection for this disease.

Arabian Centres previously earned the Middle East and North Africa Community Support Award for this project, which resulted in a $5,000 donation from the ICSC foundation to Zahra Association. Winning this award will mean an additional $10,000 donation to the organization, more awareness and more support for this cause and most of all; a true success for Arabian Centres, Zahra Association and the community as a whole.

Published on: 12-06-2014

The mobile clinic for anti-smoking event

Taking place at Al salaam Mall Jeddah, the mobile clinic for anti-smoking event under the title (invalidated) sponsored by Public Health Department. It will include working on creating a mobile clinic to fight smoking through which the following check ups will be made: sugar levels, pressure, weight and efficiency of the lungs) as well as providing Behavioral and pharmacological treatment for smokers, awareness and education for members of the community about damage of smoking and passive smoking as well.

from : 02-06-2015 - to : 02-07-2015


Welcome to "Ramdan World" in all of Arabian Centres shopping malls across the kingdom. Join us every week to celebrate Ramdan's world characters. We'll be waiting for you.

from : 17-06-2015 - to : 17-07-2015

Happy Festivals Day

Enjoy our daily activities with your family & get a chance to win 11 KIA 2015 cars along with other instant gifts and in-store discounts. Festival is from the 14th of FEB – 31ST of March.

Taking place in the following malls:

• Central region: Khurais mall, Salaam Mall Riyadh, Al Nakheel Mall Riyadh.
• Western region: Mall of Arabia Jeddah, Aziz Mall, Haifaa Mall, Al Salaam Mall Jeddah, Al noor mall, Makkah Mall.
• Eastern region: Al Ahsa Mall, Mall of Dhahran.

from : 14-02-2015 - to : 31-03-2015

It’s SALE TIME at Bugatti Fashion

@ Bugatti on Ground

Visit Bugatti Fashion and save up to 50% on your purchase from 4th of August till 15th of September! Happy shopping ...

from : 04-08-2015 - to : 15-09-2015

Soiree exciting Sale Season !

@ SOIREE on First

Receive up to 75% off on selected items in Soiree Mid-Season Sale Celebrations. Offer valid until 12th of September !!

from : 20-08-2015 - to : 12-09-2015

Nayomi exciting Sale Season !

@ Nayomi on Ground

Receive up to 75% off on selected items in Nayomi Mid-Season Sale Celebrations. Offer valid until 12th of September !!

from : 20-08-2015 - to : 12-09-2015

Soiree New Collection

@ SOIREE on First

The Autumn latest collection in store NOW!

from : 09-08-2015 - to : 01-09-2015

Nayomi Special Offers

@ Nayomi on Ground

Only at Nayomi, buy any cotton piece from SAR 49 only!

from : 09-08-2015 - to : 01-09-2015


@ Sprit on Ground

Partial discounts of 25% to 60% in Gaudi store

from : 02-06-2015 - to : 15-08-2015


@ Ted Baker on Ground

Discounts of 25% to 50% at Ted Baker store

from : 02-06-2015 - to : 15-08-2015


@ Reebok on Ground

Get a discount up to 50% at the Reebok store.

from : 02-06-2015 - to : 15-08-2015


@ Blue Age on Ground

Get a discount up to 50% at the Blue Age store.

from : 04-06-2015 - to : 15-08-2015


@ Tous on Ground

A partial discounts of 25% to 50% in store Hilfiger Denim.

from : 16-05-2015 - to : 13-08-2015


@ Mihyar on Ground

Discounts of 30% to 70% in Mihyar Store men's clothing.

from : 04-05-2015 - to : 16-06-2015



Get a discount of up to 50% in The Beauty Secrets store

from : 14-05-2015 - to : 11-06-2015

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